Proteggi i dati. Riduci le brecce.

Encryption, tokenization, strong authentication, modulo crittografico, e un modello di licensing open source: tutto questo integrato nella soluzione di punta di StrongKey, che offre protezione per i tuoi dati come nessun altro prodotto oggi sul mercato.

In a growing sea of overused buzzwords, overwhelmingly complex technology, and overdone marketing, we think security can be simple. We help our customers take control of the two most important aspects of security—user authentication and data encryption.

We’re trusted by some of the largest companies and critical government agencies around the globe, and we have tailored solutions whether you’re a multinational corporation, small business, or just you—working from your home office.

We’re putting trust back in the internet—and we’re making it easy.



The StrongKey KeyAppliance™ 3.0 (SAKA) redefines data security by providing unprecedented capability at an affordable price. Combining encryption, tokenization, strong authentication, cryptographic module, high availability, and an open-source licensing model, the latest edition of StrongKey’s flagship solution provides data protection unlike any other product on the market. Designed and built in Silicon Valley, the SAKA delivers ALESA to help mitigate the risk of data breaches in a single solution — so you can finally take that long-deserved vacation.


The StrongKey PKIAppliance™ is an integrated appliance for the management of large-scale public key infrastructures to enable strong authentication and data protection with X.509 digital certificates. Integrating hardware, software, and a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified Hardware Security Module and services, StrongKey defined the PKIAppliance more than a decade ago and has delivered more PKIs over the last 15 years — at a fixed price and on a guaranteed delivery schedule — than any company of its size in the world. Businesses ranging from start-up biotechnology firms to some of the largest corporations in the world have come to rely on the PKIAppliance to keep them secure.


The StrongKey Data Protection Appliance™ 2.0 (DPAppliance or DPA) adds the CryptoDocument Orchestrator Module to include the ability to orchestrate the encryption of tens of millions of documents within a business application. This is in addition to the encryption, tokenization, strong authentication, cryptographic module, high availability and open-source licensing model bundled in the flagship StrongKey KeyAppliance. Designed and built in Silicon Valley, the DPAppliance delivers ALESA to help mitigate the risk of data breaches in a single solution — so you can sleep easy at night.


Downloadable FREE and open-source software (FOSS) — including a FIDO U2F server.


  • StrongKey PKI2FIDO
  • StrongKey CryptoEngine
  • StrongKey CryptoCabinet
  • Certificate Signing Requests Tool (CSRTool)


Tellaro™ .

Despite a proliferation of security technology, small-to-medium sized businesses and individual practitioners are still being increasingly targeted. At the current rate, it is more likely than not that an SMB will be attacked — over half were breached and lost data last year. Not only that, attackers are prioritizing SMBs over enterprises due to their vulnerability. And every week we see news of more high profile attacks, ranging from ransomware shutting down hospitals to law firms being unable to go to court due to lost documents.

Unprecedented security at an unprecedented price. Enterprise-level protection on a small business budget.
Your key to secure data.

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