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You are not going to stop the infections. With most security efforts being reactive, having an incident response system is a paramount concern. Constant network surveillance means massive amounts of data and acquiring specific details on a threat – fast. Scrutinizer is the turn to solution for forensic incident response and stopping data leaks.

Plixer provides a network traffic analytics system that supports fast and efficient incident response. The solution allows you to gain visibility into cloud applications, security events, and network traffic. It delivers actionable data to guide you from the detection of network and security events all the way to root-cause analysis and mitigation. Network and security incidents are inevitable. When they occur, Plixer is there to help you quickly return to normal and minimize business disruption. Thousands of organizations rely on Plixer solutions to keep their IT infrastructure running efficiently.


Scrutinizer™ – Incident Response System

Scrutinizer® is the foundation for Plixer’s network traffic analytics system. It stands out in the industry by offering the most scalable solution on the market, delivering the fastest reporting, and providing the richest data context available anywhere. Role-based access automatically presents the network and security teams with the data they need to support fast, efficient network and security incident response. Scrutinizer is available as both physical and virtual appliances, as well as through a software-as-a-service cloud-based offering. The Scrutinizer™ incident response system provides forensic insight into the users and applications that are raising suspicions or causing the most congestion problems. Using flow and metadata, Scrutinizer is able to collect, archive and quickly retrieve the traffic details you need surrounding an incident.


FlowPro™ – Where visibility is needed.

Complete visibility of network traffic is key to managing your network, protecting your assets, and investigating security incidents. Whether you need to monitor traffic in remote offices, in an isolated data closet, or in a data center, FlowPro provides the information you need to perform root-cause analysis of both network performance and security events. FlowPro™ is inserted into areas of the network where visibility is needed, but lacking. It uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to compile a flow cache and exports traffic and threat details reflecting 100% of all communications that pass it. FlowPro is a great complement to the Scrutinizer Incident Response System and ensures your security team has insight where they need it.


Replicator™ – UDP Forwarder.

The Flow Replicator™ is a UDP forwarder or UDP fanout used to transparently duplicate UDP datagrams to multiple destinations. It simplifies, adds, moves, and changes when an additional SIEM or NetFlow collector is introduced into security log management. Also, some routers, servers, and other systems can only send messages to a single log management system. The Flow Replicator overcomes this shortcoming.

The Flow Replicator™ allows numerous streams of log data to be transparently replicated to several destinations. It also acts as a syslog-to-IPFIX gateway by listening for syslogs, extracting the details and forwarding them on inside IPFIX datagrams. This allinclusive network appliance is equipped with a simple, web-based user interface for administration.

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